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More tail rotor setup questions. Finished my build of the 250 Super Combo. Everything is stock from the box. The problem is the tail rotor won't hold when I get the rpm's up - just prior to lift off. All appears to be well and any slight movement of the rudder stick causes the tail to break loose and very fast spin (while still on the ground) results. I've been able to get it to spin both right and left (I believe moving the tail servo location on the boom changes the spin direction). Here is my setup.

- Centered the tail rotor servo arm (no sub trim)
- Tail pitch rod is 90 degrees to the tail rotor
- Confirmed the tail blades are spinning into the rotor wash (counter clockwise)
- Ball is 5mm from center of the tail servo arm
- Have full range of motion at tail (GP 750 gyro limit setup directions followed)
- Servo arm moves forward (view from top) with right rudder

Radio Setup (DX7 / 6100e)
- Swash mix 40% on Ael, Ele & Pitch (per instructions)
- Gyro Sen - Auto Rate 0:75%, 1:25%

Doesn't appear to be any binding at the tail. I'm thinking maybe the gyro normal/reverse switch or too much gyro rate (currently 75%). I've read some threads that the Gyro rate should be under 50% but isn't anything under 50% moving from head holding to rate mode? Any idea's?
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