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If you're on the fence, but can't really spend the money, but have the money...

Don't fly one of these things. After filming Bob flying it, I got to fly a pack around, and it was a stupidly fun little beastie. You'll go spend your grocery money on a Gaui 200. I had picked up a Rave the day before, or else I would've seriously considered picking one of these up that day.

After flying my birds, I kept going back over and drooling at it. I love my Logo, and this thing has a tiny little Logo head. I almost want to get one, and fashion some sort of Logo canopy and paint it all black and call it a Logo 200. I like the Trex 250's power better, but this Gaui's a little precision gem. The parts look and feel higher quality than the align parts.

Fun as hell to fly, flew way better than I expected something of that size to.

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