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Vids are back.... Your right.... Better to have them help someone.

As for the batteries. I was sent 2 Gaui batts. I doubt both are bad. I get the same power from both. If it is the batts so be it. But does show that Kyles heli is not stock. Stock means stock including the batts that came with mine! If he is running something else he should say so and not say stock!
I have no other 2S batts I can use to see if the gaui batts are the problem. Again what you see head speed wise is pure stock and has nothing to do with setup.

Finally I understand that Buzzkill posted my PM's. For those that want to see what all the BS is about go look at them. You will see it's a big bunch of BS and as i said... He has nothing on me that I am afraid of people seeing. Amazing...

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