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Well I still want to hear from the people that say I have a setup problem. WHAT is setup wrong? 0 pitch on the ground you see my head speed. Nothing in setup is going to change the 0 pitch head speed. So Unklebuck.... Tell me what you think is wrong. I want to hear this.

People say "admit when I am wrong". It's kind of hard to admit something that I don't know. WHAT am I wrong on? Setting up this heli is no different than any others. The head is just like a logo and I have set those up before too. There is no "mystical" magic here.

So I am dieing to hear what I did wrong. I will change whatever you think I did wrong, shot a video again, and we shall see..... So lets have these "Pro's" that say it's a setup problem tell me what to change. Put your knowledge where your mouth is rather than just saying "It's a setup problem"... If it is say what it is. Otherwise just saying that does no good and your not proving anything!

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