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Mine flies pretty similar to that flight review video (finally got to see it).
Im using the gaui 2s batteries and wooden blades and the smaller flybar weights.

I will try to get someone to hold my blackberry and move the stick up and down for a few seconds.

I noticed Kyle Stacey's flybar had no weights on it. His heli seems to stop on a dime when he changes the collective the opposite direction. It never said 'stock' on it. All the video intro stated was a 2s battery, a futaba transmitter and a gaui v2. We never get to see the electronics on it or the motor pinion.

Mine did fly and sound very similar to that video once on a 3s lipo; however, my tail also exploded when it ripped a bearing up. I do not plan on trying that again until the new output shafts come in.
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