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great vids again, I am sure they will help out many. I may not agree with everything Finless does, but I am glad he takes the time to do what he does for everyone. It is hard to keep up with all the new stuff and I must say I have found many good tips from some of his past vids.
but that little 200 does sound kind of funny? I don't have the New version 200 but mine doesn't seem to have the gear noise and it does seem to have a higher headspeed, I am also running the gaui 800 2s packs, so I wonder if something has changed in the gearing or motor with the new version? also It looks like I get much more verticle pop from mine. I am running the hitec servo's, stock gaui motor and esc. although in the Vid it didn't seemed to have any problem with flips. I highly doubt the setup is wrong.
i may have missed this though, I didn't read all the posts, are you still running Gov mode or flat 100% curve? I tried Gov and didn't like for some reason, don't recall why but it worked better Gov Off, and now i beleive I am running a flat 100 curve.
regardless thanks again
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