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I went back and watched my ESC setup video and I made a VERBAL mistake and said I setup the ESC for Heli mode with gov. But if you watch you will see that I set it up per the defaults which is heli mod no gov. So I never ran gov mode!

The flying video is heli mode no gov and 100% flat idle up curve.

One thing I am hearing from others than took the time to give me proper feedback is that people running the same gaui battery are saying theirs sounds like mine as far as head speed goes. At this point this I think is the discrepancy between what I am seeing and the videos unklebuck is posting.

I know batteries can make a huge difference in performance. I am going by my LHS to see if I can pick up a Outrage 2S 800ma pack and see if it makes a difference.

So again my post that seemed to cause everyone to get upset and claim "setup issue" is that the power I am getting stock with the gaui battery is not as good out of the box as the Trex250 with the supplied Align battery out of the box! Thats a fact.... like it or not. I realize 2S vs 3S and all but I was ASKED to compare my thoughts between the two out of the box and I did.

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