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bob has done more for this "sport" than any single person in the world in my opinion.

he is the reason why i got into heli's in the first place. ironic?

i have no beef with bob at all, other than some of the comments he has made about me, gaui, and my friends. but i also realize we are all human, and can make mistakes. i have said things on helifreak that i regret.

i do not think bob is stupid. i view him as someone i look up to.

when i made the comment on this thread about thinking that bob may have a set up problem, i was sincere. i meant no disrespect by it at all. and i also feel that many new 200 pilots experience the same thing. why should bob be any different. i don't care how long you have been flying/building heli's, it's different with this one. the way this heli is set up is crucial, and every single 200 is different. this heli must be set up by the way it flies. it took me almost 4 months to get mine right. just look at the 200 threads, filled with guys having problems, and crashing, but also filled with many sucess stories, modifications, improvement ideas, and changes by the factory. we told gaui how it flew and what needed to be improved, and they listened, watched, and then responded. what more could you ask for in a company?

i can't tell you how to set up your heli bob, but i would have helped you try and figure it out, just like anyone else that i have done the same thing for.

i have been sick lately, and have spent alot of time on here, and other forums. maybe too much.

if you would rather that i not participate, just let me know, and i'll become a troll.

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