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Participate Kevin...
I got heated last night for another reason and that was threats from Buzzkill again to share these "secret" PM's that have all this bad stuff I supposedly said, vendors I supposedly threatened, etc. Well now that he has shared them for all to see, you all can be the judge of how bad they really are. Now I am happy as I cannot be threatened by him over that anymore. So you got caught up in my anger about that last night.

However, telling me I have a setup problem is also not a fare statement and provides no useful information other than to say I have something wrong! I can tell you I don't have a setup problem. My vids SHOW how I set it up and it is set up like I would any heli.

i don't care how long you have been flying/building heli's, it's different with this one. the way this heli is set up is crucial, and every single 200 is different. this heli must be set up by the way it flies.
Here we go again... This tells me nothing! WHAT "different" or crucial? Pitch? Cyclic? Magic dust that I didn't sprinkle on? There is no "magic" to setting up pitch or cyclic. You either have too little, too much, or it's right. So what is crucial? and what part of the setup is crucial? I completely understand about running too much or too little. To little and it ain't going to fly the best it can. However too much means nothing unless you try to use it which as you can see by my flying I did not.

So the only "setup" problem can be one of 2 things.
1) My motor is not performing as it should
2) My packs are not performing like the packs shown in the other videos you shared.
OR.... what they are using for equipment in those videos is NOT the same as what I got. It's not going to be magic crucial fairy dust!

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