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Originally Posted by unklebuck View Post
i'm picking up the sarcasm bob.

at this point i wouldn't give you the benefit of an answer. let's just let the dust settle. work on it a little bit. you'll be surprised what a half a turn on a link can do for you. visit the 200 forums a little more often and get to know all the fine people there, and in the 550 forums.
A half a turn of a link... Hmmmm... Amazing...

Yes you are hearing sarcasm because these comments are absolutely doing nothing but blowing smoke! Lets see....
Setup problem comment with no facts behind it on whats the setup problem.
Crucial to setup but you don't say what is so crucial
The heli is "so different" to setup but you don't say what that is.

A half turn of a link. Lets see... You set up a head so all is 90, 90, 0 pitch at center stick, etc. Pretty straight forward I think. So 1/2 turn of a link puts in the magic power and gives me all that head speed? Hmmm... Gotcha

want to see if it is indeed the batteries. I really don't think it is.
I'm going to the AMA Expo in Ontario on Saturday around 2pm with a friend.

Ill bring all my batteries, tx and Gaui with me. Lets do it all SCIENCE! like.
See you there. I will be running around filming most the day.

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