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I have nothing against anyone on this forum, but i will point out false info when i see it. Lets take a look at these videos one at a time.

#1 Okay right of the bat you find out they're using TP batteries However he is using stock motor so that part is correct. However seeing as that is the V1 comparing that to a V2 is not fair unless both included the same motor.

#2Nowhere in the description, comments, or the video itself tell what the set up of the heli is. Once again is also a v1 heli by looking at the date of the video posted.

#3 Once again, no setup details anywhere and not sure whether its a v1 or v2

#4 It is a v2 but look in the description, he's using zpower 5150 motor not stock. No other setup details given.

#5 V1 gaui again no setup details.

#6 V1 gaui no setup details.

#7 Okay here we go, says stock motor and pinion. 100% flat throttle curve. However is it a v1 or v2?, i don't know when the v2 was released exactly but i know it was very recent. So im guessing thats a V1.

The only 2 videos we know for sure are using stock motor are the first and last videos, but even then they are not totally stock setup which is what Bob is getting at. Only one or two of the videos were a v2 and one of those was with the z-power 5150 motor, the rest were v1 and its not fair to compare two different helis unless the included electronics are the same. And most of them don't even say the electronics they are using. Im not attacking unclebuck just pointing out that the claim that all of these are running stock motor is false. Whether unintentionally or intentionally it does not matter, i have nothing against anyone on this forum and this post is not ment to be an attack, sorry if you take it that way. If you however received information reguarding the setup of the helis shown in the above videos through other means such as PMing the person who flew the heli then my appologies.
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