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You canít expect a 2S to have the same power as a 3S pack, as you have 1/3 rd less energy to play with. You either use it up quicker, or accept a slower headspeed.


Which makes me wonder why they didn't design the v2 around a 3s system. Flying on 2s either has a lack of power or a severe lack of flying time with the upgrade motor. I was stunned when flying the T-rex 250 as it had a lot more power sustained for 4:30 seconds of flight.

Here's my personal videos and findings for the gaui 200, although it is a v1 the stock power systems are exactly the same.

First I'll start with a complete stock video, The low power system keeps me on my toes throughout the whole fight. Their is enough power to do what they say 3d however I'd say it's just enough to get by ? This stock setup wasn't much fun to fly, took a lot of collective management because the motor just dind't want to pull through like I wanted it to. Can anybody tell if the headspeed sounds close to Finless' videos by any chance ?

Hurricane 200 practice (2 min 14 sec)

and just for comparison heres a video of the 200 on the 5150 motor , headspeed was a lot more consistent through the flight even through high power demand situations. The only downside I had with this motor is the short flights of 2:30 - 3:00 before my batteries was getting very hot.

Gaui 200 practice 200 (2 min 30 sec)

Conclusion , I do think the stock power systems is underpowered and can use some definete beefing up if they want to stay in the competition with Aligns 250 imo.
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