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Jujiro..... Your stock setup is pretty much the same as mine! Thanks for those vids. You pretty much showed and said the same things I did. Flys good but could use a little more power.

Tim, you are correct about the 2S, pinion, etc... What got this going was I flew mine as it came out of the box. I didn't get another pinion in my box. Thats is what I call stock or out of the box. I commented that I would like a little more power and got jumped on that I have something wrong because I should get a lot more power STOCK, and out came all these vids showing a lot more head speed.
I was beginning to believe I did have some problem! Like maybe my motor, ESC or batts may not have been working like others do. Now that I am seeing others share vids of their stock setups, I am seeing I do not have a problem.


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