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FYI I am going to tach the head speed. for those that say they cant tach the head because the tach does not go high enough, you still can. just HALF the number. I will use the Skytach and mine only goes up to 2600. So If I think my head speed is say 3000, I will start with 1500 in the tack and move around from there until I see the blades top just like normal. If I read say 1650 on the tach then I just double my number 1650 X 2 = 3300 rpm. Have done it this way for years since electrics like the 450 started having head speed above my tach limit. Works like a champ!

So if others want to do this test and have a tach feel free to do so.
I am going to tach and video today with the gaui batts and then my new 2S Outrage and READ what the head speed difference is, if there is any.

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