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It's hard to guage the headspeed because of the out of track blades, or maybe I just can;t get past the sound of that oscilation. You also did not mention what battery you were using other than it was 850ma, so I am pretty sure that is not the stock battery.

No one is saying you cannot get good headspeed with a guai 200 v2, they are saying the out of the box power system is lacking. I agree 100% with jujiro, the question is more about 2s vs 3s than anything else. You can certainly get 2s to work pretty good for you if you change the pinion, maybe get better batteries, heck even get a better motor . . . however it seems to me a 3s system out of the box would be a better option. You are going to get more run time, and not pull as many amps from the battery and in short it's going to be much better in the long run.

The Guai looks like a great heli, but if I was going to get one . . . i'd go 3s from the start and get different pinions to support that. Not technically stock, but a better heli at that point.
i said on the video what battery i was using. it's an a plus 850 mAh 15c. they worked about as good in my V1 as the STOCK gaui 2S batteries. by the way, let's get one thing straight. there is no STOCK battery offered by gaui with any of their kits. they do make lipo's, but they are not STOCK. no battery is for this heli. that is what bob was sent. i wish to christ i had a damn gaui 2S, believe me.

i won't bother to shoot my headspeed because frankly, i could care less what it is. and anyway, bob says it's not apples to apples with the heli's because of the fact that my heli is a flybarless "set up"
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