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Hmmm actually... that head speed does not sound as high as the other videos you shared or Kyles video! But it's also not a apples and apples comparison. That is a flybarless heli and every heli I have seen flybarless with the same components used as the flybared version, the heli has a little higher head speed. Also he is not using a Gaui battery is he? NOT apples to apples so this shows nothing really.

So far every video from others like Juri, bpd964, etc using my EXACT setup (not a different batter, flybarless, etc) is just like mine.

I am about ready to run out and shoot and TACH the head speed with my outrage pack. I am pretty sure I am going to see a difference but we shall see and it will be measured for FACTUAL data.....

Stay tuned....

bpd was not using a gaui 2S battery, and juri's headspeed with a gaui 2S is higher than yours imo.

and thanks for the tip on the sky tach. i never knew that.
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