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So Unklebuck is Rotorhead58d... Makes sense now.....
You got banned once for pounding on people right? I though you swore you were done with Helifreak? Honestly I don't care either way.... I will let Will decide.

But yes... this is not apples to apples.

In the end if I just cant get the head speed then lets look at this logically as there is no magic. I will be eliminating the battery as a possible problem right? So we can quit arguing about that. Then it will come down to that SOME of us got an ESC or motor that is not performing like others. That in fact could be the case couldn't it? I mean what else would cause the difference at 0 pitch?
I know, I know... could be belt too tight or pinion.... Well a free standing head spin will show how free the system is and thus belt. Pinion mesh? Well I will show again it is set right to eliminate that argument.

Anyway gotta get out there and get testing the new battery. If there is not much difference then I got what I got.... Is it too hard to believe I got something that is performing differently than others?

bpd was not using a gaui 2S battery, and juri's headspeed with a gaui 2S is higher than yours imo.
I dissagree... have them qued up side by side and flip back and forth and listen. Since my video does not spend much time on the ground, and ESC may not have been up fully yet before I lifted off, its hard to compare but the hover is pretty close if you ask me. Now do that with Kyle's video for instance.
Last night I had my brother in law over who knows nothing about hels. I asked him to listen to some of these. He agreed in the head speed differences and those that sound similar to mine.

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