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Yep... and it's these same guys that have been banned from here many times for doing this same thing over and over again. Beating on anyone that says something even slightly off about the heli and not just me. They have their own forum, they have said many times on their forum they are done with Helifreak, have said many times to "let me do my thing over here and they do their thing over there" but yet cant stay away from here and let that happen! Coming here and impersonating someone you are not just shows how deceitful they are. I hope some are seeing that now.

I will admit I went WAY overboard in my reaction the other night. To many I apologize for that. I am an "A" type personality so when I get accused of "not setting up right" with no basis of fact behind it, I get defensive and defend myself. Poor Will is constantly consulting me to forget it and ignore it and move on and NOT go to their level. Well I am human and make mistakes but will try to learn from each one I make.

I think now we are seeing where this came from. Same guys different handle and day, same story. I should have guessed it but was too "A" type to see it.

Anyway I got the vids shot and will be posting them probably tomorrow AM. I am getting what is pretty consistent with what others have shown.

In the end I enjoy this heli, feel it is built very well and all this drama aside... If you interested in a heli this size I highly suggest taking a look at this model. I will continue to play with mine and power it up a little more. I may go 3S as some that have far more experience are suggesting. Thanks!

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