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Hey guys,

The Fromeco folks sent me some pre-production boards for use on the 14MZ and 12Z. I've been using a couple on my two 14MZ radios for a few weeks with excellent results. I've got two spares that I need to find some volunteer "testers", preferably on 12Z radios (definitely need at least one 12Z owner; will consider a 14MZ once I have a 12Z one enlisted). So if you're willing to try one of these, PM me ASAP (first-come, first-serve). Please note that you must be willing to try the board and report back with any feedback. Primarily looking for pilots that will give it a good try in a short amount of time (about 2 weeks). Each tester will receive a pre-production board and a 2400 mAh Relion pack which they'll be able to keep after completion of the test.

DISCLAIMER: only apply if you understand, and accept, any risk involved in testing a pre-production item. Remember Murphy's Law, and understand that neither I nor Fromeco will be made responsible should your radio cease to function while attempting to use this solution. This product MAY void your warranty.
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