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Default Unlocking the secrets to the GP 750

Okay, this may have been intuitive to everyone else, but it took me a week to figure this out and resetting the gyro at least 20 times.
Setting the end points. If you move the stick to the limit and push the button, it ISN'T ENOUGH. If you move the stick past the end to where it starts to bind, it remembers the maximum through you've moved it, even if you hold the stick at the point before binding. Therefore, if you move the stick into binding and back and forth, then hold it before the limit while you push the button, IT DOESN'T SET THE DARN LIMIT.
You've got to CAREFULLY move the stick JUST to the limit, then push the button. Actually, I'm not so sure you really need to hold the stick at the limit when you push the button. I kept trying to set the limit and it never worked. Then I figured out I need to be careful to be short of binding while in the "limit" mode. Hope this saves someone else some aggravation!
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