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Thumbs up Intro: Phase4 Build Log: DragonBlade CP Extreme

Well here it is folks …… after 4 year of futzin’ and fussin’, trail and error and error and error …… the Phase4 Build Log for my E-flite Blade CP as it transforms into the DragonBlade CP Extreme.

Thanks to all that have provided input and advise ; the result is what I believe to be the definitive build for those pesky lil Blades! DISCLAIMER: These are my experiences, findings and opinions. Like they said in the beginning…. YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY!

The only real constraints were to retain the flybar and motored tail. Phase1 provided just a more robust heli; (i.e. better, stronger, faster; less breakage, after all this is an entry level ARF Heli, right?), Phase2 added brushless, separates, new Tx/Rx and a GY401. Phase3 added the reworked Fraken-rotorhead and aluminum blade grips, the 2100T and a new wiring layout. (Unfortunately, FlightTech is gone and some of the products that were used are no longer available. I’m in the process of finding viable replacement suggestions for these parts.) The Phase4 build was done to develop a test platform for the belted tail version that’s in progress and has ended up a really awesome version of what it was supposed to be.

Just a little background…. mind you this started after the self-destructing Venom NR3D incidents (yes, plural! ) and a replacement bone stock Blade CP. It was a beautiful calm fall evening and I had just managed to get through an entire NiCad battery pack on the previous flight without causing any damage. On to pack #2. While in unintentional, semi-controlled FFF, with training balls… I hit a fence post. Blades, blade grips, flybar, flybar frame, main shaft, frame, all 3 servos, tail rotor and motor, canopy, landing gear…. In one shot! Get this, the tail boom didn’t break and the feathering shaft wasn’t bent, go figure!

So Phase1 Features

FlightTech (Purple that’s really pink) frame. The frame kit also includes the dual tail motors.
E-flite Aluminum Swashplate
Servos were generously replaced with the 1-year warranty.
Heli-Direct Plasti-blades
Adjustable Tail Boom Supports
Beaded tail strut

Phase1 (Photo courtesy of my daughter, Kaytlin)

Click image for larger version

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I scored my first hover with this bird! These mods provided a significant improvement to the airframe and only a minor weight increase.

The GOOD….
Increased tail motor life. After changing to the dual motor, I never burned one up.
“Unbreakable” skids and ingenious assembly.
Improved cyclic control.

The BAD…
Physical tail wag… the tail boom wood flex with rudder input resulting in a whip effect during hard rudder. Inadequate tail boom bracing.
Servo movement. The servos would move the plastic mounts causing erratic cyclic input to the Swashplate.

The SHORTCOMINGS…. (Same ol’ complaints)
Poor tail hold and authority.
Head slop
No “pop”; a real toad!
4 in 1

Chapter 2 coming soon...... Same Heli Channel!
Doug Bonham, WickedDragonRC
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