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Default Chapter 2: Phase4 Build Log: DragonBlade CP Extreme

Phase1A ended in complete failure! I installed the HDX300 V1 head. It was incredibly large, heavy, very difficult to adjust and completely impossible to balance. The initial full spool up tore the main shaft mast right out of the frame.

Back to where I was at Phase0; a pile of parts! This is where FlightTech really amazed me. The frame had a lifetime guarantee, Andy’s feeling was that if you were willing to spend that much on a high quality part, it should last and you shouldn’t have to pay for it ever again! Impressive, huh? I miss FlightTech!

Andy also introduced me to the FlightTech head and feathering shaft. We had a conversation about the Century Auto-rotation main gear too.

So Phase2 features….

A brandily new BLUE FlightTech Frame
E-flite Bell-Hiller Rotorhead
HDX300 Flybar Frame Pushrods (modified)
Century CNE-250 Auto-Rotation Main Gear
E-flite Hacker 4900Kv Brushless
Castle Creations Phoenix35
HPI RS4 9T Pinion
Custom CF Tail Fins
Functional Canopy Ducts
CF Servo Mounting Plates

After crushing the 4in1 during a hack…..
Futaba 7CHP & R146i
Futaba GY401
Deans Mini-Antenna
Castle Creations Pixie7 ESC

Phase2A added…

Custom Battery Tray
FlightTech Rotorhead
FlightTech Hardened Feathering Shaft
E-flite Park 370 4100Kv Inrunner Brushless
Castle Creations Phoenix25
The Deans Plug Switch
E-Sky CF Main Blades
E-flite CF Tail Rotor
E-flite Blade Grip Modification

Phase2 & 2-A: The SuperBladeCP ; where things really started to happen. A lot of the quirky flight characteristics could be tuned out with the radio. Power, Lots of power! No glitches on the mains! I could actually hover without breaking a sweat! I’ll go through the detail on the mods in the Phase4 description.

The GOOD….
Heli looks whole bunches better.
Amazing improvement in tail authority. Gyros are cool!
Improved and smoother head response for both collective and cyclic.
No more glitches on the mains due to power because on the auto-rotation main gear.
Better tail boom struts
Better cooling
Eliminated servo movement

The BAD…
S75 Servos
Still demonstrating somewhat unstable flight behavior
E-flite Bell-Hiller Blade Grips are at best FRAGILE!

Crap batteries
Continued Tail failures (even tried the EDF tail here)
Blade Grip modifications work & FlightTech head made improvements, but cyclic should be more responsive.

Chapter 3 in progress!
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