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Default Quick 50 Pro Heli Kit....

After starting with a Shuttle as my first heli many hears ago, I have owned and flown Concepts, Xcells (46, 60 and gasser), Intrepids (46, 60's and gasser) and most recently the Raptor line (30 through 60). Recently, I found myself looking for something different. I feel that as an intermediate pilot, the 50 sized helis still offers the best bang for the buck. I decided to try the Quick 50 Pro because it looked like to me that there would be no "upgrades" to buy since all of the upgrades that I would need would be included in the kit.....

I want to share some thoughts throughout the building process and would like to start out by posting some pics that I took today of some of the major components. A couple of my flying buddies and I have had an opportunity to "look things over" and they agree that the machined parts that make up this kit are very high in quality. That is what has impressed me most right off the bat.

Secondly, I have been in contact with Irwin and he has been very helpful to me in sharing some thoughts on building the machine and some "do's and don'ts". Additionally, Irwin appears to me to be very dedicated to his work and truly believes that his products are one of the best , if not the best, on the market.

If anyone else has any suggestions as I move forward with this build , please do share your tips.........I would greatly appreciate it.

My initial impressions of this model is that it is a high quality kit at a price that won't break the bank considering that all of the "bling" is included......The test will be (or course) , how does it fly ??? And how do things hold up ??? Let me build it first !!

Stay tuned, more to follow.....
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