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Let's keep things under perspective..... I CHOSE to do the repair on the elevator arm because I have the knowledge, equipment and ability to do it quickly. I could have just as easily waited a couple of days for a new part to be sent. One of my flying buddies had an elevator yoke assembly that was unusable and it took three attempts before receiving one that was "acceptable". I'm not going to mention the heli brand because this is not what my thread is about .....but it was one of the "high end" kits from a very respected heli company..... :wink:

Regarding the special tools...... no, many people may not have a bench vise but I'm certain that most have a simple "C" clamp that could have been used to install the two bearings in the frames.....

The clutch liner ?? Well, my choice again. There is no indication that would lead anyone to believe that the clutch liner supplied along with their installation instructions would not have worked. I would choose to do the "custom liner" myself , whether the kit was $100 or $1000......That's just part of the "tinkering" part of the hobby I enjoy doing. Many of my friends come to me to do their clutch liners on various different models such as Raptors, Bergens and Vigors......In fact, I'm running out of the material and the stuff aint cheap !!!

Anyhow, I hope this clears up some of the comments made but I appreciate all the fedback so far. Please keep it coming...
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