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Good point about David Steve. You are correct. It was actually 4 people sitting under the tent, two couples it was.

I dislike the spreading of rumor and innuendo as much as anyone, and I think I need to spell out what David is talking about from my first hand experience with seeing the incident... there was many people who saw it. And so rumors and false information does not go around about this here are the details of the event that I witnessed.

I was right there and saw that crash through teh tent that David is talking about. At least one of the people was hurt, the older gentleman and his wife and another middle aged couple, had to dive on the ground and the next day when I found them and took the two men to see Ron Kummer to make sure IRCHA was aware of what happened, the older gentleman had a hard time walking around and required the help of a cane or walking stick. These people were at their first heli event, their Ez-Up was damaged in the front, with a big hole and broken framework, think they have ever attended another heli event?

Yes as Jeff says, it is hard to believe all teh negative stuff you hear about Irwin and QWW, there is just so much of it that I definitely don't believe it all, and I would be sceptical about this tent crash event, but I was there along with at least 25+ other people and saw it all.

This incident alone is plenty good enough reason for me personally to avoid any business or other dealings with Irwin Siner/QWW even if their helis were the best in the world.

Feel free to post the build thread Juan, but realize that there is a lot more to people avoiding the QWW helis and Irwin Siner and that is what you are seeing in this thread. It is nothing you have personally done or said. Even calling out other manufacturers on their own short comings with their kits is going to do little to change public opinion.
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