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Default New Component pics as promised

Hi guys

Finally recieved the new components from my friend with the machine shop.
Please bear in mind these are PROTOTYPE parts and are a little rough looking
I told him not to worry about the finsh. They are actually better than the pictures show the camera picked up every blemish!
I have already redesigned most of the parts so the next bacth should be even better.

OK first are some pics of my new motor mount and frame stiffener combo.

As you can see my new motor mount allows for really easy adjustment of gear mesh and motor removal. There is a simplelate that bolts to the motor using countersunk screws and then this is atached to the motor mount. The motor plate can then pivot around one bolt on one side and is secured by another bolt in a slot on the other. All very simple and very very similar to that found on the E325 Mini Titan

I am not yet 100percent sure but i maybe able to fit this new motor mount to existing Hurry frames with the standard servo layout although there maybe some clearance issues with the servo linkages to overcome.

Next you can see the full size Spektrum DS821 Servos installed.
Once i install the correct length servo arms they will line up perfectly under the swash.
Any sub standard size servo's such as the S9650 can be easily fitted with an adapter plate.

In this picture you can just about make out the new main bearing block with Full Size main shaft bearings for the OWB shaft, along with a matching ful lsize bearing in the lower OWB shaft bearing block. This replaces the much smaller slim OWB shaft bearings (the ones that always fail) with decent size bearings.

As soon as i recieved the parts i could immediatley see how i could improve them and make them easier to machine. Its funny how holding something in your hand makes a hughe difference compared to 3D modelling on the computer.

I am now waiting for New the revised Frames to arrive so i can assemble it all properly. Unfortunatley he is awy for another week or so.
I decided to have the prototype frames machined from 3mm Acrylic as opposed to the 1.5mm of the ones shown in the picture that way i will be able to test fly the heli before i get the frames cut in Carbon.

Any way guys i hope you like

please feel free to comment i welcome any good ideas for improvments.


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