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Originally Posted by kgfly
Hi Bob,

Some more beginner questions for the Master.

On the HDE I found that the balls can be mounted to the HM65 servo arms seemingly quite securely by carefully sizing the hole and then screwing into it. In the CCPM videos you use nuts and threadlock to secure the balls to the servo arms.

1) Will threading into the servo arm be safe and reliable ? If not are nuts provided for mounting the balls on the servo arms in the HDE kit (I seem to have four suitable ones as the last items in the HZ0 bag) ?

2) I have used the four-way arms on all three body servos, in all cases on the outer of the two possible holes, which are 10mm from the centre. Is that an OK choice ? I checked in each case that there seemed to be enough travel on the 10mm radius. In fact on the aileron servo I had limit the travel to +/-40% to prevent binding. Does that sound OK or are alarm bells wringing ? Also, do we trim off the three unused arms just to save weight ?

3) I don't have a Dremel so at this stage I have mounted the elevator ball on the outside of the arm. As you know, this results in about a 5-degree angle on the control rod. I guess this reduces precision of elevator control a little, but will that matter for a learner pilot ?

Thanks for your time,
I still like to use nuts for the balls.... I know a lot of people that dont but I just dont trust it. If you have the nuts I would say use them.

For #2 yes this actually is better as you getting more servo resolution. Just make sure you have enough throw!

For #3, I am not sure what you mean.... Can you atke a picture?

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