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3) I don't have a Dremel so at this stage I have mounted the elevator ball on the outside of the arm. As you know, this results in about a 5-degree angle on the control rod. I guess this reduces precision of elevator control a little, but will that matter for a learner pilot ?
For #3, I am not sure what you mean.... Can you atke a picture?
Sorry, I was unclear. I meant that I have mounted the ball on the outward face of the elevator servo arm rather than grinding the ball down so that it will fit on the inner face. This means that the pushrod is not quite parallel to the heli frame.

However, when I tried it on the inner face I found that on the HM65 there is no need to grind down the ball since it doesn't bind on the servo case

Thanks for the photo of your HDE frame. It looks like you have done a CCPM conversion on the frame in that photo, so the servo mounting arrangement is very different to the standard HDE setup. But it is useful to see the overall layout with respect to CG.

Thank you.
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