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I have completed (I think) the HDE head setup. Took me ages as it's all new to me and I know how important it is to do a good job.

Getting the right pitch range (+11 to -11)
I couldn't get more than +10 pitch (and that's at 110% travel) and had to limit servo travel at the negative end to bring the negative pitch down from -12 to -10. I guess that means I didn't have the pitch control arm properly neutral at the start. I just eyeballed that the gap in the limiting slot was the same above and below the arm as I couldn't find a simple way of measuring it with any accuracy. I think I can fix this now by simply adjusting the link between the servo and the pitch control arm and then redoing all the pitch settings. Is that right or will I throw out something else in the head ?

Normal interaction ?
I find that with the blades in line with the frame and the flybar crosswise, if I cycle between max +ve and max -ve pitch the flybar will be tilt down on the left side. Is this normal or a sign of something wrong ?

Blade holders - how tight ?
On my W5-3 coaxial the blades were loose enough to flop around in the holders if you tipped the heli. This was the recommended setup as the blades would centrifugally self-align at spin-up. How tight do you make the blade holders/blades on a TRex ?

I see that people store/transport with the blades folded back along the boom. Does this mean they have to restraighten and tighten the blades as part of flight-prep ? Is there a simple trick to making sure the blades are straight (ie the leading edge is at 90deg to the flybar) before tightening them ?

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