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think I can fix this now by simply adjusting the link between the servo and the pitch control arm and then redoing all the pitch settings. Is that right or will I throw out something else in the head ?
Yes that is right.

I find that with the blades in line with the frame and the flybar crosswise, if I cycle between max +ve and max -ve pitch the flybar will be tilt down on the left side. Is this normal or a sign of something wrong ?
The flybar may tip in any direction... You can hold it level with your hand and move the pitch full in both directions right? The flybar is on a seesaw and is always free to move no matter where the pitch is. If not then you have something wrong....

Blade holders - how tight ?
On a Trex you want them fairly tight e.g. they should not flop around on thier own... It's hard to explain how tight in a post so snug them down until they do not flop on thier own for now.

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