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Work and home chores have prevented me from spending much time in the workshop over the past couple of days but today, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours and made some progress...

I can't believe how easily this heli is coming together. I am almost out of parts !! The upper and lower frame assemblies came together very nicely without the need to "fudge" here and there as I've had to do with some other kits.

The clutch bell/start block assembly are high precision. After assembly, there is absolutly NO wobble noticable from the clutch bell.

The fan hub mounts onto the motor using a double collet system which makes it very easy to get the assembly to come together with minimal runout. Mine came out to a very respectable 1/2 a thousand without much effort !!. That, together with the way the clutch bell came out should provide a smooth, vibration free setup....

A word about the clutch itself.... It is larger in diameter and in thickness (surface area) than any other 50 size clutch I have seen. It looks like to me like it belongs on a 60, not a 50. When I push on the shoes, they spring right back into shape immediately. It looks like to me that QWW has had these made out of a high carbon steel. I believe this setup will result in a trouble free clutch system. The clutch bell itself has some "air scoops" machined into the top. I'm sure they are for improved cooling.

The location of the gyro is out of the way and protected against the inevitable "incident"....NICE !

I also like the location of the fuel tank. Many helis tend to be "tail heavy" and the forward mounted tank will help with the final CG of the heli. I'm not sure how many oz of fuel it holds but it looks BIG....

Another thing I like about this kit is the use of the more expensive Nord-Loc washers. Although I have heard of them, I had never seen them used on any heli I have ever owned.

That's all for now....

Here is where I am currently...
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