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MrCLoWnY says
I set it up in rate mode so that I can get the tail servo centered...

Yes i understand this but do you actually set it to hover in rate mode hands off first??? by moving the slider closer to the tube to get it to lock in in rate mode ???

Can I ask what problems you are having? and why u are po'ed?

Well the reason that i am POED is this was a gift that my wife bought for me for Christmas she paid $510.00 for the super combo. I have only hoverered this thing and have had some forward flight with it in a gym and it wags like crazy. i have had the tail apart cleaned oiled bearings etc right now i have it apart as the bearings feel like sand paper. I have tried to make the stock set up work but still had wag. I installed a 201 inolab servo and still problems but it was a bit better. i am now using a MKS digital tail servo that has really good torque and a .09 speed. Yes it is better but i still have my gain set at 58-60% on my DX6i it feels really mushy.

i feel for what my wife spent on this thing i could have outfitted a 450 size heli and been alot happier. i have emailed ALIGN directly and they have not even replied to my emails i have sent the same one 4 times and no answer. this is not the customer support i want I feel that if us as a consumer are paying this kind of money they should atleast step up to the plate and say that the issue is real and they are working on a fix. When your own sponsored piolts are installing HJ MODS to get a better flying heli because the stock set up is GARBAGE it is time to address the situation. give your following some kind of hope that you are addressing the issue. I feel the only reason that people buy this product is because align has a large parts distibution across the world. I have a sjm180 and yes it is heavier but atleast there are NO PROBLEMS with the heli.
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