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okay im at home and i looked at the servo that i am running on the tail here is what it has
MKS DS480 digital servo

.068 sec at 4.8 volts torque is 1.85kg/cm which equals 25.68 oz

the 3500 has a speed of .7 and 27oz
and the futaba is.08 and torque is 28oz

so i am right there with the quality of the servo.

I have put this gyro in my SJM360 with the same servo and a different servo and the Gyro is Locked in so i feel that it is not the gyro. I have also seen a aftermarket tail assembly for this unit but at 59US i have a hard time justifying this when my wife just spent 510 on the whole package which in my opinion is a very expensive piece of plastic that is sitting on my shelf doing nothing until this tail problem is solved . I have just lost all ambition to work on this thing until Align gets there act together and comes out with a fix. I have a trex 500 new in the box but i feel that i might just sell it because so far im not inpressed with the quality of there product. this is not really a good impression of align and the products that they carry.
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