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Dont give up,you will get it.Your tail servo sounds like it has the speed and torque for the job.First if you havent already,make sure you dont have any binding tail grip bearing issues,or even the pitch slider linkage.You can spool up by hand (main blades off for safety) take the pushrod off the tail servo,and push and pull it by hand with the throttle maybe at half speed.Try to go end to end on the travel,and make sure you can.If your O.K with that,I would try experimenting with a spare set of tail blades by cutting them down.Start with like 34 mm bolt hole to edge.By cutting you should be able to increase your gain higher before the wag sets in.Mines at 72% (gyro sense) and I know what the tail feels like in the low 60,s mushy,fishtails during your figure eight turns ETC.No fun.My tail blades are down to 30 mm (square blades) with my 9257/gp750 setup.And I know its hard,but you cant compare the trex 500 to the 250.My trex 500 build and flying experience has been the best Ive ever had,That 500 rocks!!.Try these things and post back,help is here,a lot of us have been through it ....
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