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i think that your gain is that because you are using a DX7 Iam using a DX6i

Dont give up just yet.

The new hub by all accounts is the old hub with 2mm bearings and two washers.

Dont buy the new hub, just the bearings and washers. Or buy the Gaui bearings if Align wont support you.

Your LHS sounds like you have very poor support. I emailed the LHS I bought my 250, pointed them to Berts Official Align tail problem thread and they sent me out the new hub and they were in a different country.

Try the above tips. (posted from helifreaks)
including =

Replace 1.2mm bearings with 2mm bearings (Align or Gaui)
Use 5.0v setting to start with
Turn down gain to 15% and gradually increase it. (or a low setting, there are different ways to measure true gain, I think Finless Bob mentioned it in his 450 videos. 20% on some radios = 60% or so on others)
Use a carbon tube / rod on the tail and get rid of the rod supports
Use 37mm or 35mm blades
Send an email to your LHS you bought the heli from with a link to Berts Official Align statement showing the tail issue. They should give you a new hub free from Align. Not costing them anything.
Buy the MIP 0.9mm driver.
Kiss your Wife (nice present, I normally get a card and some aftershave, Once just shaving foam) from my wife. I dont know what shes trying to imply.

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