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Originally Posted by MrCLoWnY View Post
Try lowering ur gain to 20% first.. really give it a try....

You shouldn't need the gaui tail... shoot u got a good tail servo!
not really sure i fully understand your thinking (but i am a newbie to heli's) lol

okay i will explain what i know about my radio.DX6i if i am from 0-50 my gyro is in rate mode or non HH the closer i get to 0 the more responsive it gets. If i gofrom 50-100 this is HH mode and starting from 50 moving to 100 gives me more sensetivity.

I just looked at my radio and my gyro settings are: in the 0 position 66% and in the 1 position 63.5% the #1 position is very mushy feeling and i still get wag. i have turned it down as low as 56% and this is just a ugly mushy mess 66% is okay but the wag is still bad. I have also done the test with the main blades off and yes there is alot of force needed to get this thing to move. it actually has a tendency to bind this is why it is apart right know and the reason why i am in need for a fix.

the wife asked me the other day how the heli is and i said it is great she then asked if she could see it fly and i had to tell her that it has some tail problems she said fix it and laughed. i havn't had the heart to tell here that she bought me a piece of S#!t and that on top of the 510 dollars that she spent i will have to probably spend a bit more to get it to fly properly.

anyways i love my wife as she is really understanding of my addiction


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