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I like this gyro so much I replaced my 401 on my 450 with it. At first I was using 40 via Travel Adjust to control my Gyro Gain. I then decided to use the Gyro menu and set it as 40%.. Needless to say I crashed trying to take off! Pissed the krap out of me...

So I got the heli fixed and while I was applying TriFlow on the tail shaft I noticed that it was rather slow.. Just like what Finless said... So I bumped it up to 60% and hehold the speed was normal... It held great too! I will bump it up more to find a nice setting I like...

So the moral of the story is that I am still under the belief that the Gyro sensitivy is the same versus the DX6i and DX7 but there is a difference between Gyro Menu and Travel Adjust...

Now I understand why my 250's gyro is only at 20, it's becuz I'm using Travel Adjust. I'll prolly change it to my Gyro Menu next time I fly...

The DS420 is a piece of krap.. But I really do like the GP750 Gyro!
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