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well i got poed every time i look at the 250 so i pulled it down off the shelf AGAIN. i have the gyro and reciever in a sjm360 so i threw on a telebee that i had laying around.

before i fired it up i pulled the tail apart as i was reading and heli sting said to make sure that the bearings in the gripps are put in the proper way. so i pulled them apart and mine were in backwards. put them in the right way and oiled them up. put it all back together and had a chance to fly it in a gym tonight.

first i had to turn up my gyro to 85% to get it to hold once i had it holding it was just really MUSHY. so i turned up the rudder atv to 150% this increased the effectivness of the tail and i had to turn the gyro down to 74% i tried to fly flat turns and did some single piro's with it but there is just NO authority to hold the tail. i would try to stop with 1 piro but it would give me a extra 1/2 a turn this thing is a real pain. i am going to try something with this tail as it is GARBAGE anyways. i will let you know if it works. as far as align they have still not sent me any confirmation or answer to my 4 emails that i sent them.

second ??? of the 2 types of blades which ones would require less force for the servo to move the square ones or the batwings Finless or anybody i hope you can answer this. once i have this info i will try my mod to the tail if it doesnt work it doesnt really matter as i need a new tail assembly anyways and until align gets there act together it will sit on the shelf.
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