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Originally Posted by rrthorn View Post
I am using the same brushless main motor ( eflite 370) and tail DD brushed motor as rstacy.... can someone please give me the correct way to program the Spectrum DX7 trans so I can start up in normal mode without the tail spinning and then go up to stunt ( idle 1 & idle 2) mode. Thanks for your time and help.
make sure your rudder trim and subtrim are on zero.. you will need some right trim to hold it ( i think right maybe left i get confused ) make sure you have your rudder trimed for ST1 and two i just learned with the dx7 you change the normal to St 1 and 2 your trims have to be the same for all flight mode as in ( elv,ail,rudder) but most time you need more rudder corection in ST1 and 2 cause more RPMs. my motor doesnt seem to change but maybe its getting wore out.
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