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Flybars add stabilization to your helicopter.

Without a flybar, an RC helicopter will become very unstable. They must be included in order for the helicopter to be stable.

Flybarless helicopters use electronic stabilization systems to simulate the effects of a flybar.

The benefit of flybarless is a lighter helicopter supposedly with more power due to less drag/weight. Less parts to fix in a crash, and the programmability. The con would be that it is a lot to learn. Set up takes some tweaking to get it how you want it.

The benefit of flybar is it's simplicity. Bolt it on and you're good to go. Also it won't cost you several hundred dollars for a stabi system. The cons would be that it has limitations to programming and how your helicopter will respond to your input, whereas electronic flybarless stabilization systems such as the V-Bar are completely programmable. Also, when you crash you generally have to repair/replace the flybar and paddles.
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