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Originally Posted by X-Gear View Post
How are full scale helicopters stable without flybars?

Comparitively speaking our RC helis have little of it. The flybar adds gyroscopic mass.

Having flown electronic flybarless for the first time today, all I can say is wow. Hover stability yet awesome cyclic. They are nice. Flybars work just fine too though. My 600E will have the flybar for a good while longer.

Some full sized helis do have flybars with weights on the end, mostly older ones like the UH-1B. You may not recognize them because they do not have paddles.

Also there are a lot of full scale helis with electronic stabilization systems.

In addition, the Skookum learning curve is pretty short. The default setting will usually get you going well. Once you get the trims set and the directions right you are good to go.
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