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Default I'm in the home stretch !!!

PHOTO-1...Push rod assembly made easy with a link tool chucked up in a drill. Links were made to order using a caliper with the Vario "posts" which are attached to the caliper jaws....

PHOTO-2....May be hard to see in this photo but for mounting the canopy, I installed a setscrew ground to a point at each of the four canopy mounting stand-offs.... The canopy can then be slipped on to place and adjusted as needed. The sharpened setscrews not only held the canopy in place but also gave me a slight "bump" on the outside of the canopy to mark for drilling... This canopy comes already "pre-painted" so shining a light from the inside to get your mark is more difficult....

PHOTO-3... Here you can see I have drilled the first two mounting holes on the left side and the canopy is temporarily held in place by two 3 mm SHCS's while the rest of the alignment is checked and marked for drilling.....The trick to getting a nice canopy mounting job is to take it slow and mark and drill one mounting point at a time..... that way, minor adjustments and a more accurate job can be done. I used a very sharp hand reammer made by Dynamite (popular with the car guys) to "drill" the holes.... very easy to get the hole started in the proper place and the size to exactly what you need.

The rest of the assembly has gone relatively smooth..... all that is needed now is final radio installation and programming followed by some test flying !! I'll keep you all posted !!
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