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Originally Posted by fireup View Post
It flies great! More powerful than any other 450 I've own. Very fast on the cyclic, I can set 78 on my cyclic swash mix (11 degrees of cyclic).. The canopy is a little tight, so I'll probably have to sand the bottom a little so it fits better. I love the TT, I can get the tail spinning as fast as I want and stops on a dime. I can get only about 4min from my style of flying at 100 flat curve. (30C 2200 packs).

I think Bob film that for the MS composite blade review. He also film me a couple times to get me crashing on video, but no luck
Thanks for the info. I'm really liking the sound of this new heli, but I've got like $350 just in V2 spare parts. I've finally gotten mine flying great, but I really like the idea of a TT. Maybe just the V2 TT upgrade and a new motor...

I wonder how this would do with a 100 flat throttle curve on 12T? I'm not stick banging yet (well, somewhat, but nothing like you anyway), and the extra flight time would be great...I'm just looking for a little less bog than my 430xl.

Here's the link to flight video (which is very impressive):

Thanks again Fireup...If I keep hearing such good things about the new heli, I might need one for myself.
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