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Default A123 10S2P Knight 600e

Originally Posted by Chris

So tell me how you have the 10S2P arranged in your Knight? I've been looking at mine, and it looks like the little angled frame separator will need to go to the bottom of the frame, and I'll need to figure out some way to get a velcro strap at the back for the rear pack. Other than that, it looks like it should be pretty easy to try it.

I actually flew mine on 10S1P and the voltage worked great with the stock gearing and motor, but of course the pack was pretty unhappy pumping out that much power and the flight was short.
You are correct, the angled frame is moved to the bottom of the frame. I use to have the Castle HV85 there but moved it to the outside side frame. This will leave you a clean open space from the motor to the front. A 10s1p (5x5) will fit there and another 10s1p will sit in front of it hanging from the battery support. These will run in parallel to give you 10s2p. Tons of power & nothing gets hot. i.e. battery, motor, ESC
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