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Default Chapter 3: Phase4 Build Log: DragonBlade CP Extreme

Phase 2A was a much needed success. After the nightmare up, back, left and boom take off sequence with 3 (yes 3 ..... ) Venom Night Ranger 3D's, the frustration with this &^#&^@%# &[email protected]^@^ piece of &@*..... had me doubting whether I had really learned anything or not and should be sticking to RC trucks! My heli was actually behaving how real RC helicopters do in all of the "Learning to Fly" write know the ones that you think don't mean anything because heli sure doesn't do that....... I was even playing with governor mode and tweaking the setup. Get this.... I was actually thinking that I was done upgrading! Yeah okay!

BTW..... A Castle Creations Pixie7 ESC was added for the Dual Tail in Phase 2A.

Enter..... the tail rotor failures. The dual tail that was working so well..... not so much, anymore. This was when I found out a single tail motor on a dual motor setup does NOT have enough power to spin the rotor & a dead motor..... broken connections, bent shafts, loose bushings..... the same problems as with the single motor tail and twice the money for 2 motors! DD here we come.

Phase 3 added...... (lets just say due to a necessary re-build)

The GWS DD tail setup
Hitec HS-55's

The GOOD....
  • All of the good stuff from Phase 2 & 2A
  • Tail hold.... an amazing concept..... truly!
  • NO MORE E-flite SERVOS...EVER!!!!
The BAD.....
  • The GWS tail box is fragile.... very fragile.
I was actually becoming attached to my little heli at this point. I could keep it in the air and under relatively loose control for entire battery packs. Pretty novel given my more recent attempts at flying! I continued fine tuning and became increasingly confident. I got a little loose hit the GWS tail fin which took out....... the tail. I was trying to climb out so it was spinning........ can you say chicken dance! I knew you could. (Phase 0 again).

Phase 3a added....
  • A reassembled heli
  • Two interchangeable tails
  • 40mm Ducted Fan
  • DD tail using the stock tail box.
The GOOD......
  • The DD tail was working just fine.
  • I have a heli again.
The BAD....
  • The DF tail Everything that could did. We'll leave it at that.
  • I don't have a flying heli anymore.
The belted tail conversion kits were getting popular and I started looking into some possibilities. I liked and purchased the Freestyle Hobby Kit and started planning for the conversion which included the improvements from my past attempts.

Phase 4 is everything I wanted to do to a Blade CP short of the belted tail conversion. The frame mods and electronics placement are done primarily to accommodate the the conversion.

Phase 4 added......
  • CC P10 / Medusa DD tail.
  • LogicTech 2100T Gyro
  • Adjustable Rx/ESC tray
  • FSH CF Battery tray & custom mounting
  • TRex Tail Boom Braces
  • TRex Ball links for Servo Links
  • Servo/Anti-rotation Bracket
  • Component brackets
Phase 4 has been plagued with mishaps. Spool up tests produced only damage and grounded the heli through the winter. I've got it back together and it awaits... what, like it's.... 14th maiden flight!

I'll be starting the full build log soon. It will cover exactly what I'm using now, why I'm using it and what it did/does to make me keep using it.

Glad to hear you folks enjoy my ramblings!
Doug Bonham, WickedDragonRC
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