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Default Compass Knight 3D Nitro Build Videos

Ok sorry for the delay on this build guys.... Life and stuff

Anyway this kit is AWESOME... seriously... While building it, I think it is a sleeper heli that is probably one of the best 50 sized helis out there! I love the dampened motor mounting, the frame is a brick shit house, etc... So far this seems like it's going to be a great heli!

WHAT the hell was taking me so long (I said to myself).... so on with the build!

Video Link ->What's in the box and Overview!! (50 Megs)

Video Link ->Installing the Fan and Clutch (65 Megs)

Video Link ->Installing the Motor and Mounts (48 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Installation (50 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Wheels and Servo Setup using the Futaba 10C (86 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Link Setup using the Futaba 10C (72 Megs)

Video Link ->Throttle Servo Setup using the Futaba 10C (54 Megs)

OK as stated I am moving around in the manual doing steps out of order for video reasons. Before the head build I am going to install the Main Shaft and Main Gear so I can do head setup. THIS IS WITHOUT installing the tail and belt for now. Please be aware of this.
Video Link ->Main Gear and Main Shaft install (37 Megs)

OK on with the head build! YES I cheated and used my Knight 600E videos as it is EXACLTY the same. Why reshoot something that is identical!
Video Link ->Head an Main Grips (67 Megs)

Video Link ->Seesaw and Flybar/Paddles (66 Megs)

OK this is where I really cheat and use a video from my Knight 600E build. You will notice the frames are NOT the Knight 3D.. Same setup though!
Video Link ->Swash Plate and Washout AND setting the Phasing (50 Megs)

Video Link ->Head Setup (74 Megs)

Video Link ->Tail Rotor Build (44 Megs)

OK more lazyness! I am reusing 3 vids from my 600E build as again it is exactly the same!
Video Link ->Tail Boom Installation (53 Megs)

Video Link ->Tail Servo and Linkage Setup (53 Megs)

Video Link ->Tail Supports and Landing Gear (34 Megs)

Video Link ->Electronics Placement (34 Megs)

Video Link ->Setting up a Throttle CUT switch on the 10C (23 Megs)

Video Link ->Final Futaba 10C radio settings for Maiden (37 Megs)

Maiden flight! Well it was my 5th getting things tuned. Still having gyro issues and getting that tuned for this heli but other than that... Check out the flip rate! Not my best flying since I am getting use the the heli and it flys very different than my 600n pro. Heck I had not even flown this heli inverted until this video flight. Enjoy!
Video Link ->Maiden Flight Report (67 Megs)


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