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Originally Posted by JustPlaneChris View Post
Makes sense to me, Bob! Why do extra work?!?

One thing I found curious: Check the dampers out and see if they have one or two o-rings per side. My 600E came with only one per side, but my K3D had two. I'm not sure if that was factory, or if the previous owner added a second o-ring. Both of my Knight's dampers have since been replaced with KBDD, which I like a lot. The only downside is they "nod" during autos with the KBDD, and don't with stockers. Oh well.
The Delrin former dampers are designed to be adjustable and can be used with 1 O-ring, inboard or outboard, 2 O-rings or even none at all - or you can slip in some green KBDD dampers. The head is NOT rigid so don't get alarmed if there's a little slop of the spindle in it - it flies great. I tried 2 O-rings but got a bit of tail oscillation so went back to a single inboard O ring. I haven't tried the KBDD ones yet as I really like the handling at present.

NB The COmpass Yellow and Red dampers are designed for the Knight SPort and are for a 6mm spindle not the 8mm now standard on the Knight.
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