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Default Trex 450 Pro build videos

OK.... so many have asked if I was going to do a 450 Pro build and to be honest I had not heard from Align on this heli so I was not sure.... I knew I would eventually go buy one but was not in a rush. Then I got a PM from Helifreak user Helismith who works for and he asked if I wanted to do a build video on the 450 Pro sponsored by Helihobby... Well heck yea!

Helihobby has come a long way in the last year and is now one of the best online retailers out there! When they asked me I was honored and am glad to be doing this build series for them. Major props and thanks Helismith for asking man!

UPDATE! 2/1/2011 - Servo Installation warning! You can bind up the servos if you are not careful when mounting them. Especially with the Hitec 65MG or 5065MG.

Video Link ->Servo installation issues and warning (44 Megs)

Anyway on with the show!

Video Link ->What's in the box!! (46 Megs)

Folks.... CHECK your head for grease and Locktite!
Video Link ->Head Build Part 1 - Head, Grips, etc (66 Megs)

Video Link ->Head Build Part 2 - Flybar, links, etc (47 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Install and Setup Part 1 (76 Megs)

Video Link ->Servo Install and Setup Part 2 (42 Megs)

Video Link ->Tail Assembly Part 1 (50 Megs)

PIN the boom! I was easily able to pull the boom out of the heli with the boom block tight. See it in my video.
Video Link ->Tail Assembly Part 2 (53 Megs)

Video Link ->Main Gear & Shaft Install and Head Setup (82 Megs)

OK on with more vids.

Video Link ->Tail servo install and initial GP750 gyro settings for servo type (40 Megs)

First up is how to setup the tail and GP750 gyro STOCK per the manual.

Video Link ->Setting up the tail and GP750 Gyro stock per the manual (100 Megs)

OK as I said while trying to get the tail setup there was something I just did not like about the tail geometry. We all know it flys STOCK but I think things can be improved especially for guys wanting to setup rate mode flying. So with that I did a bunch of vids to explain what I mean, show other helis tail geometry, and finally my mod with a flying testimonial.

OK so here is a little discussion on tail geometry and why things should be 90/90 etc.
Video Link -> Tail geometry and what it's about and why do I care? (61 Megs)

OK with that basics, what do other helis look like? I went to the field and looked an MANY other helis and will show you.
Video Link -> The proof... what do other helis look like and why is the tail odd with the Pro? (50 Megs)

OK so here is my mod to fix it. You don't have to do this as we all know the heli flys stock but for rate mode flying setup I see NO other way! As far as I can tell it is impossible to setup rate mode without binding. Well I found a solution.
Video Link -> Simple Tail mod! Flip the grips! (70 Megs)

Finally since my heli is not flying yet, Kevin (Fireup) tested the mod this last weekend. Looked good to me!
Video Link -> Fireup testing the mod! (51 Megs)

OK now that all the tail stuff is out of the way, here are the fianl videos!

Video Link -> Electronics Placement (63 Megs)

Video Link -> First After Market upgrade for the 450 Pro - Fireup's ATD (25 Megs)

Video Link -> My final radio settings before the Maiden Flight (36 Megs)

Video Link -> Flight Review (60 Megs)

Video Link -> REVIEW - KDEDirect's 450 Pro Upgrade kit (11 Megs)


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