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Originally Posted by kgfly View Post
Thanks Chris. Wow, that sure looks like a lot of weight to be hanging off an unsupported cantilever right out the front of the heli. It looks as if the CF plate would snap off in a hard landing, taking the Rx with it and maybe ripping some servo leads, but of course looks can be deceiving.
The front battery is butted against the other battery which gives it support & is not so likely to snap on a hard landing.

Chris, on your 600e, you have what I think is velcro or foam between frames next to the secondary receiver antenna. Well... where that foam (?) is, I place a second gyro support plate (you can order for a few bucks). This is where you can place your receiver. You can then just turn your receiver around with the servo plugs facing forward and the antenna closer to the swash plate. You will want to move the secondary receiver to the lower side frame.
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