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Originally Posted by JustPlaneChris View Post
I took the Knight out today for a test run on the 10S2P setup despite the high winds (20+ mph). The flight performance was great! The extra weight actually made it fly very well in the wind compared to the feel with the lipo packs. It felt much more "comfortable" with the extra weight and power was absolutely not an issue.

I had my timer set to 4.5 minutes, and I put 3053 mah back into the pack. Assuming I can get 3900 mah out of the pack (~85%) before it starts to dump, it looks like I can get at least 5.5 minutes with a good safety margin. I might get even more, since fast sport flying in high winds burns a lot of power (lots of pitch!) and I was running about 2200 rpm headspeed too.

I need to put the data logger on it for the next flight to verify current draw and headspeed, but so far it looks promising.
Ya, the 10s2p works well in the wind. You can definitely do better than ~85% around 91%. The packs really get cooking on the 2nd & 3rd charge when they are still warm.

Now let me know how those 620mm wide cord blades work out when you get them.
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